Repair for lungs, smokers, etc.

Many people could use more ideas for how to help repair their lungs, or reverse the damage done by cigarette smoking, etc. Here is a blog dedicated to sharing the more natural remedies out there that I have found.

I hope it helps give you or your loved ones ideas of things to try. I know herbs are under-rated, and foods, etc. There has to be some small things that can be done to correct the damage that has been done. I know it can be done for the liver, sometimes, and other organs, so this is my search to help the lungs.

Credit to the blog or site where i found the information will be included, so you can see where I got the info. That is so that if I don't duplicate some of what I find and also because I will wonder about it later. :)

Take care of the wonderful gift of life that has been given to you.